The Best Of Belton

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The Best Of Belton was created by the owners of Cool Panda Business Solutions LLC. Our son attends UMHB and is on his third year with varsity football team. Every year we see new parents and students on different Facebook pages asking questions like, “Who takes CRU Cash?”, “Where can my student get their car fixed?”, “Where can I find a doctor for my student?”, and “Does anyone recommend a good realtor?”

Already owning a business that specializes in directories and review sites, it was obvious that we needed to start an online community that showcased The Best Of Belton, A place where local businesses, residents, students, and parents could go to leave reviews, read reviews, and connect with one another. The Best of Belton will always be free to search for local businesses, and anyone can leave a review or connect with a local business. We will also always try our best to provide the newest information for parents and students on the happenings at UMHB and be a place where they can get up to date information pertinent to their students.

For local residents and businesses, The Best Of Belton, is a great place to connect or to see who is offering coupons or what are the local events that are happening around town. If you are a local resident, student or parent, there is no membership fee required. All you need is a FREE account. Local Business, Doctors, and Realtors, we offer multiply levels of accounts, including FREE, to help you reach more customers or clients in the Belton community.