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Catching up with the commits: Braedyn Dawes

The most recent addition to the UMHB men’s basketball team’s three-player 2021 recruiting class is guard Braedyn Dawes, a 6’3, 155 lb standout from Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park, Texas.

Dawes, who committed to UMHB on April 9, is a complete player who defends well, shoots the three with sensational accuracy and handles the ball with confidence. He scored over 1,000 points during his high school career, and enters his freshman year in college with the ability to compete for playing time early on.

We spoke with Dawes on Monday to discuss his recent commitment to UMHB, his strengths as a guard, and more, as we continue to “catch up with the commits”.

Q: What made UMHB the school for you?

BD: “UMHB was the first school that offered me and I fell in love with it as soon as I walked onto the campus. Compared to every school that’s offered me, there’s a big difference. UMHB has some of the nicest facilities at the D3 level and the coaches have been recruiting me so hard since the very beginning. I felt like [part of a] family before I had even committed there.”

Q: How big of a role did UMHB being the first to offer you play in your decision to commit?

BD: “That’s been such a big thing, because my dream has just been to go play college basketball and for UMHB to believe in me and see things in me, for them to be the first school, has been really awesome.”

Q: Based on film, you’re a complete player on both ends of the floor. Do you feel like you have a specific strength in your game?

BD: “I think my biggest strength is just shooting the ball and being able to spot up and help the other players find me and be there for them.”

Q: Speaking of shooting, you eclipsed the 1,000 point mark this past season at Vista Ridge. How cool was it to accomplish something as unique as that?

BD: “It was such a blessing. Going into my senior year, I was worried because of Covid if we were even going to get to play. So it was definitely a blessing from God and a milestone in my career to come.”

Q: What did you think of the style of play at UMHB, because it is fast-paced and is somewhat of a similar offense to what you guys ran at Vista Ridge?

BD: “They’re such a fast-paced team and I feel like I can fit really well on that team. That’s also a big factor of why I loved UMHB, because I felt like I could come and fit right in with the guys and their style of play.”

Q: Going back to your style of play, have there been any players that you’ve really tried to emulate or model your game after?

BD: “My favorite player has always been Kevin Durant and I’ve always wanted to imitate his game. Also Luka Doncic. I love watching those guys play. I always try to take a few things from their games and add them to mine.”

Q: It is obvious that your Christian faith is a huge aspect of your life. Can you talk about the role it has played in basketball career?

BD: “That’s the only reason I’m here today and playing this sport is because of Him. I always prayed and dreamt about being a college basketball player. For Him to help me in a storm where it feels like maybe we’re not going to have a season this year or recruitment is not going to look so well, He still finds a way. It’s so amazing and to go to a school where I get to grow in my faith is even better.”

Rapid Fire Questions:

Sport you might be playing if you didn’t play basketball: “I played football for one year in high school and I liked it. Probably the second one would be track. I love track and I think I could be pretty good at it. Distance [is what I’d run]. I’ve run the mile and 800m in high school for three years.”

Favorite subject in school: “Probably history. I like learning all the stories about wars and that kind of thing.”

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