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Updates from the press box as UMHB hosts Huntingdon in the first round of the D-III playoffs

BELTON- The D-III football playoffs have arrived, and UMHB, ranked No. 3 in the nation, opens its 2022 postseason run at home, hosting Huntingdon, the champion out of the USA South Conference. Follow along for updates from the press box as the first-round matchup plays out.

Final: UMHB wins 54-0

7:56 Q4: Montana Miller runs the ball 15 yards across the goal line, adding to UMHB’s lead. UMHB leads 54-0

12:00 Q4: UMHB to begin this drive in Huntingdon territory on the 48-yard line. Jackson Tingler in at QB for UMHB.

14:17 Q4: Kenneth Cormier in wildcat formation, takes the snap, lowers his head, and runs across the goal line, scoring once again. UMHB now leads 48-0 after Avila’s PAT is missed. Another impressive drive from the UMHB offense.

End of Q3: UMHB: 42, Huntingdon: 0

2:40 Q3: Huntingdon was knocking on the door, with the ball on the UMHB 10-yard line. But Cotney fumbled the ball on a run up the middle, and it rolled out of the back of the end zone, resulting in a touchback, with UMHB taking possession. Kenneth Miller Jr. follows that up with a 54-yard rush down the sideline to the Huntingdon 26-yard line on UMHB’s first play of the drive. 

6:15 Q3: With a 4 WR formation, King finds Jamaal Hamilton wide open for a 47-yd TD pass, putting UMHB up 42-0. Very nice route from Hamilton, who broke at least one tackle while running down the sideline. UMHB has scored on its first three possessions of this third quarter. Heavier rain falling in Belton now.

9:53 Q3: Kenneth Cormier Jr. with a TD for UMHB from 17 yards out. He took the handoff, ran up the middle, spun around a defender and sprinted into the end zone. UMHB leads 35-0.

11:47 Q3: Huntingdon has thrown on every play of this drive. And fails to convert a 4th & 5 pass, turning it over on the UMHB 31-yard line, ending the Hawks’ first drive of the second half. 

14:13 Q3: Kyle King finds KJ Miller wide open upfield for a 50-yard passing touchdown to open the second half. UMHB has put together a 28-0 lead, and even with the wet conditions, the passing game has been on-point for the Cru.

Halftime thoughts: UMHB’s defense really stepped up after Huntingdon’s first drive began with three straight first downs. Huntingdon ended up turning the ball over twice in the opening half, and held scoreless, with 124 yards of total offense. UMHB’s offense, comparatively, has 286 yards of total offense. 

UMHB RB Aphonso Thomas has been huge to the Cru’s offensive success, averaging 6.5 yards/carry on eight carries. Kyle King has thrown for 188 yards on 10 completions and two passing scores. By keeping a good balance between the rushing and passing, UMHB has been able to spread out the Huntingdon defense.

HALFTIME: On 3rd & 7, UMHB’s Tristan Green deflected Cotney’s pass, bringing up fourth down. Huntingdon misses a field goal attempt to the right, and UMHB takes a 21-0 lead into the half. 

6:32 Q2: Huntingdon is forced to punt once again after another solid showing from the UMHB defense.  UMHB moves upfield but Huntingdon’s Karl Dorn makes a nice play, intercepting a pass from Kyle King near midfield. The wind is definitely playing a factor in the passing games for both teams.

10:22 Q2:  UMHB with a good mix of passing and running plays on a 7-play, 97-yard drive that ends in a KJ Miller touchdown from Kyle King. Miller caught the ball on the outside of the formation, got a good block, and ran into the end zone, untouched. UMHB leads 21-0.

13:58 Q2: Huntingdon QB Landon Cotney fumbles on 3rd & 11, but the ball is recovered by the Hawks. Punt takes a favorable bounce for Huntingdon, and UMHB begins its 4th drive on its own 2-yard line.

End of Q1: UMHB: 14 Huntingdon: 0

2:43 Q1: King finds Brandon Jordan for a 9 yd touchdown on a well-placed pass. UMHB now leads 14-0, and has scored on two of its first three possessions.

5:28 Q1: UMHB cannot capitalize on the interception. But the Crusader defense holds Huntingdon to a three-and-out, with a net yardage on the drive of -3 yards.

7:52 Q1: Make that two forced turnovers on two Huntingdon drives. UMHB’s Durand Hill comes up with an interception on the Hawks’ first play of their second drive.

8:07 Q1: UMHB RB Aphonso Thomas weaves through the Huntingdon defense and crosses the goal line for a 20-yard rushing touchdown. UMHB leads 7-0 after Anthony Avila’s PAT.

11:18 Q1 

A promising Huntingdon drive is stopped by a fumble, recovered by the Cru. 11:18 in Q1 and UMHB’s offense begins its first drive of the game. Huntingdon picked up 4 first downs on that initial drive.

15 minutes until kickoff

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