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Q&A: Luke Poorman, Former UMHB Quarterback

In the fall of 2018, a new quarterback arrived in Belton. It was Luke Poorman, a transfer from rival Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio. Poorman became a Crusader when he arrived in Belton, and along with it, was given a chance to start his college career anew. He had struggled through injuries and limited playing time with the Purple Raiders, and began to look at his options following the 2017 season.

He landed at UMHB, but had his fair share of ups and downs. He did appear in nine games in the fall of 2018, and returned for his senior season last fall with a strong drive to serve in the team in whatever way possible. He saw the field quite a bit, as head coach Pete Fredeburg employed a type of two-quarterback system for much of the season. Poorman threw for 846 yards and 8 touchdowns in 2019.

Now, back in his home state of Florida, Poorman is not only working in the world of commercial real estate but also started a successful football video outlet, making highlight tapes of high school football across the state.

Poorman (#10) racing down the field in excitement (Image by UMHB Photography)

We caught up with Poorman to discuss all that and more this week. Check it out!

Q: What made you choose to transfer to UMHB?

LP: “Football-wise, I was looking for an opportunity to be able to play with a high-quality coach like Coach Fredenburg. He’s a man that really cares about character and stuff like that, because that’s what’s more important to me. For me, it was what impact I make off the field as compared to what I did on the field [that was more important to me]. I felt like Coach Fred really embodied that. That was football wise, but ultimately, it was God. I was leaning on him in that decision.”

Q: Who were some of your favorite memories playing for the Cru?

LP: “Obviously I enjoyed being with Coach Fred and all that, but most of my memories came off the field. I was able to meet some great people. Football is great, and I got to live out my dream, but I feel like I got to meet men that were mentors; Coach Fred, Dr. O Rear, and also some brothers along the way that I’m going to have for the rest of my life. I lived with Noah Barron, Ricky Fairfield and Hunter Bailey that last semester. They actually helped with the equipment. Those are some of my best friends. I’m super thankful for them.”

Poorman at quarterback for the Cru (Image by UMHB Photography)

Q: What are one or two lessons the game of football has taught you?

LP: I think football taught me how to be patient and how to handle adversity. Adversity in the way of my college career went absolutely nothing like I expected it and not how I wanted it to go. But now when I look back on it, I wouldn’t change it because it made me the man that I am today. My biggest thing is the fact that sometimes we’re the only Bible people will read, so I feel like my story of what I went through it somehow going to be able to impact people and give me the opportunity to help people in the future. And I also learned how much being honest and true really matters. That was always a big thing for me and I’ve carried it throughout my life but with other people, from coaches especially, how much trust really matters.”

Q: What helped you get through that adversity?

LP: Faith was really the biggest part. It sucked. Being honest, that first fall semester, I would say I was depressed. I’ve never really had that happen in my life before. I vowed to never get back to that point after that fall of ’18. It was rough. That spring I really made it a point to not ever get back to that point.

Q: One of the things you’ve recently done is start a very popular football video highlight outlet called LProductions. Where did your interest in video and filming start?

LP: “So I made a highlight video for fun from out there [at Mount Union]. Then I started doing them for players there, then I carried that over to when I was at UMHB. I did them for a few of the guys and also made one for team throughout my time there. I’m doing commercial real estate right now, but I also love doing video stuff, editing and creating videos for people. It’s not only fun for me, but its enjoyable for them to have something that they really enjoy. I started get into it and I was like, ‘Let’s try to make this into something’. I got to work with some guys and then bought my own camera. It’s been awesome.”

Q: What are some of your goals for LProductions moving forward?

LP: “It’s all been a crazy God thing.I would have never expected it to work out and blow up like it has. I got to work with four NFL players within a month of doing this. There’s no way I would have been able to do this without God and the connections He has blessed me with. It’s been all Him. Really the most recent goal was to get a camera, which I did. Now, heading into the offseason, I’m hoping to maybe start filming for some of these guys doing offseason workouts.”

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