Vote Now for True To The Cru’s Week 5 Players of the Week presented by The Best of Belton

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A win is not something that happens as a result of the performances of just a handful of players. It takes a collective effort from the entire team, and that was the case in Saturday’s 38-7 win for UMHB football over Austin College.

A few performances did stand out, however, and we would like to recognize those through this week’s voting for True To The Cru’s Week 5 Football Players of the Week, presented by our gold sponsor, The Best of Belton.

As we continue to rotate our sponsors of True To The Cru’s Players of the Week, we would like to recognize The Best of Belton, which is doing great things for the Belton area. A comprehensive website for all things Belton, be sure to visit and check out the business directory, reviews on local businesses and places, as well as a marketplace and news center. Follow The Best of Belton on social media too! @TheBestOfBelton on Twitter/Facebook, thebestofbelton on Instagram.

Voting closes at 8 p.m. on Tuesday night, after which the honorees will be announced. Please note that your votes are counted, but results are not shown until after the voting has been completed.

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