Tracking UMHB Football’s 2022 Offers

BELTON, Texas- With the season wrapped up, and the offseason beginning, the UMHB coaching staff has been on the recruiting trail, with several high school seniors in the Class of 2022 having recently picked up offers from the Cru. This page will be your go-to for the latest on UMHB’s offers to Class of 2022 prospects. It will be updated daily, and as more offers are added, links will be available to jump to the various days and/or weeks of the offers, making it easier to specific find players who have been offered.

Jan. 4

Jan. 5

Jan. 6


Jan. 11

Jan. 13

Jan. 14

Jan. 15

The Cru has also picked up three transfers for the 2022 season: DL Caleb Bell (HSU), CB Darwin Davis Jr. (Ark. Baptist) and OL Jarryd Doucet (Concordia-Neb.).

January, 16, 2022

Elijah Oakmon, Pflugerville HS, RB/ATH

Other Offers: D3: ETBU, D2: East Central

January 15, 2022

Zach Ververka, Celina HS, LB

Other Offers: D3: Austin, Southwestern, Hendrix, NAIA: SAGU, D2: Southeastern Okla. State

Jan 14, 2022

Treshawn Johnson, East Central HS (San Antonio), DB

Other Offers: D3: Hardin-Simmons

Brady Cunningham, Celina HS, FB/TE

Other Offers: D3: Hendrix, ETBU

Will Wallis, Denison HS, LB

Other Offers: D3: McMurry, Southwestern, Hendrix, D2: Southwestern Baptist, JUCO: Cisco, NM Military Institute

Reginald Stewart, East Central HS, ATH

Other Offers: D3: Hendrix, Hardin-Simmons, Widener, St. Norbert, NAIA: SAGU, Ottawa, JUCO: Navarro

Joseph Pendleton, West HS, LB/DE/RB/TE

Other Offers: D3: Southwestern, Rose-Hulman, Grinnell, Hardin-Simmons, NAIA: Mid-America Nazarene, Wayland Baptist, Bethel College (KS), D2: Southern Nazarene

Cadyn Bradley, Spring HS, WR

Other Offers: D1: Abilene Christian, JUCO: Blinn, Kilgore

Jan 13, 2022

Daunte Blake, Crowley HS, ATH

Other Offers: D3:McMurry, ETBU, NAIA: SAGU

Jacob Martin, Georgetown HS, DE

Other Offers: D3: Hardin-Simmons, Texas Lutheran, Sul Ross, Hendrix, Howard Payne, ETBU, JUCO: Cisco, Navarro, NAIA: Texas Wesleyan, D2: East Central

Jan. 11, 2022

Michael Burroughs, Judson HS, QB

Other Offers: D3: Hardin-Simmons

Curtis Brooks, Calallan HS, OL/DL

Other Offers: First Offer

Kendreon Miller, Weiss HS, LB/DB

Other Offers: D3: Texas Lutheran, Wisconsin Lutheran NAIA: Panhandle State, SAGU

Mich’le Joseph, Ball HS, DT/Left Tackle

Other Offers: First Offer

Breck Eleby, Gonzales HS, ATH

Other Offers: D3: Sul Ross State, Alvernia, NAIA: Graceland, McPherson, SAGU

Connor Fitzgerald, Jim Ned HS, OL

Other Offers: D3: McMurry, Hardin-Simmons, NAIA: Wayland Baptist, Culver-Stockton, Texas Wesleyan, JUCO: Cisco

Sammy Steffe, Aledo HS, CB/RB

Other Offers: D3: Hardin-Simmons, Southwestern, Howard Payne, D2: Texas A&M-Kingsville, Arkansas Tech, Southwestern Baptist, NAIA: Mid-America Nazarene, JUCO: Cisco

Cameron McCalister, Clear Brook HS, QB

Other Offers:First Offer

Andre Jones, Judson HS, WR

Other Offer: D3 Hardin-Simmons, NAIA: Panhandle State

January 7, 2022

Carson Gaido, Georgetown HS, DE

Other Offers: D3: Hardin-Simmons, Southwestern, Howard Payne

Benjamin McCreary,Johnson HS, RB

Other Offers: D3: Hardin-Simmons, D2: West Texas A&M

Seth Heller, Midland Lee HS, OL

Other offers: (D3): Hardin-Simmons, Sul Ross, McMurry, ETBU, (NAIA): Panhandle State, Mid-America Nazarene

,Iowa Wesleyan

Jeremiah Phillips, Georgetown HS, OL

Other Offers: (D3) McMurry, Texas Lutheran, Sul Ross, ETBU (NAIA), Culver-Stockton, Panhandle State

Trent McConnell, Georgetown HS, LB/S

Other Offers: Bethel (NAIA), Culver-Stockton (NAIA), Ottawa (NAIA)

Jaybreon Riggins, LBJ HS, ATH

Other Offers: Mid-America Nazarene (NAIA), SAGU (NAIA), Texas Lutheran (D3), Sul Ross (D3), Hardin-Simmons (D3), Cisco (JUCO), McMurry (D3), Rose-Hulman (D3), Doane (NAIA)

Jaden Thomas, A&M Consolidated HS, LB

Other Offers: Blinn (JUCO)

Armando Molina, Killeen Ellison HS, Tackle/Guard COMMITTED TO ANGELO STATE 1/17/22

Other Offers: Cisco (JUCO, Angelo State (D2), Howard Payne (D3), RPA (Independent)

January 6, 2022


Other Offers: Stetson (D1), UT-Permian Basin (D2), Sul Ross State (D3), ETBU (D3), Benedictine (NAIA), Texas Lutheran (D3), Augustana (D2), Hardin-Simmons (D3), McMurry (D3), Culver-Stockton (NAIA), Okla. Panhandle State (NAIA), Southwestern College (NAIA) , Hendrix (D3)

Bradley Jones, College Station HS, RB

Other Offers: Tufts(D3),McPherson (NAIA), Tabor (NAIA), Friends (NAIA), Bethel (KS) (NAIA)

Canaan Fairley, Claudia Johnson Taylor HS, WR

Other Offers: WT A&M (D2), Concordia-Neb. (NAIA), Hardin-Simmons (D3), Widener (D3), Iowa Wesleyan (NAIA), Ottawa (NAIA), Southwest Minn. State (D2)

Aidan Herrera, Reagan HS, LB

Other Offers: Hardin-Simmons (D3), Tufts (D3), Southwestern (D3), Middlebury (D3), Trinity (D3)

Jack Davis, Reagan HS, LB

Other Offers: Hardin-Simmons (D3), Bethel (D3)

Bryce Hamilton, Reagan HS, LB

Other Offers: Hardin-Simmons (D3), William Jewell (D3)

Kaiden Roden, Ford HS

Other Offers: Southwestern (D3), Tabor (NAIA), Hoard Payne (D3)

Brandon James, Ford HS, Tackle

Other Offers: First Offer

Julius Maze, Coronado HS, DT

Other Offers: Texas Lutheran (D3), Hardin-Simmons (D3), Sul Ross State (D3), Elmhurst (D3), Oklahoma Panhandle State (NAIA), Juniata (D3), Culver-Stockton (D3), Southwestern College (NAIA), SAGU (NAIA)

Jacob Hall,Caddo Mills HS, DT/Tackle

Other Offers: Hardin-Simmons (D3), ETBU (D3), Hendrix (D3), Texas Lutheran (D3), Howard Payne (D3)

J’cori Hargon, Frisco Lonestar HS, LB

Other Offers: SAGU (NAIA), Oklahoma Panhandle State (NAIA)

Jeremiah Johnson, Rudder HS, LB

Other Offers: Angelo State (D2)

January 5, 2022

Jimmy Fex, McKinney Boyd HS, LB

Other Offers: Evangel (NAIA), East Central (D2), Cisco (JUCO)

James Phillips, St. Louis Catholic HS, RB

Other Offers: First Offer

Joaquin Gutierrez, Warren HS, WR

Other Offers: First offer

Ethan Rayfield, Clark HS, DB

Other Offers: Trinity (D3)

Joshua Queneau, Community HS, Tackle/Guard

Other Offers: Culver-Stockton (NAIA), Bethany (NAIA), Hardin-Simmons (D3)

Jamel Criswell, Taft HS, WR

Other Offers: East Central (D2)

Jamarri Price, Jarrell HS, WR/LB/CB/S

Other Offers: McPherson (NAIA), Carthage (D3), Eureka (D3), Howard Payne (D3), Wayland Baptist (NAIA)

January 4, 2022

Darius Ellis, John Paul Stevens HS, LB

Other Offers: William Jewell (D2), Ottawa (NAIA), Oklahoma Pandhandle State (NAIA), Concordia-Nebraska (NAIA)

Xadrian Huerta, John Jay HS, RB

Other Offers: Lamar (D1 FCS), Findlay (D2), Penn (D1 FCS), Columbia (D1 FCS), Tabor (NAIA), McMurry (D3)

Julian Cantu, Warren HS, Tackle/Center/Guard

Other offers: Hardin-Simmons (D3)

Troy Aikman Gaytan, Brennan HS, DL

Other offers; Clarke (NAIA), Mount Mary (D3), Arizona Christian (NAIA)

Joe Montez, Brennan HS, Tackle/Guard

Other offers: Hardin-Simmons (D3), Texas Lutheran (D3), Panhandle State(NAIA), NM Highlands (D2)

Alyzha Williams, Brennan HS, LB

Other offers: West Texas A&M (D2)

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